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TBOS-OCT Entry - Luca by CodyLycan TBOS-OCT Entry - Luca by CodyLycan
Name: Luca
Age: Appears Seven
Physical Description: Height: 3'8”. Light blue eyes, along with shaggy light blue hair. Has an obvious child build.
Chosen By: The Book
Gift Description: Page from the book

Think of the most adorable, fluffy, lovable animal in the world. Give that animal a caring personality and a quirky attitude. Throw in a handful of heroic traits and so much loyalty that it could put any dog to shame. Add a dash of determination, and multiply everything by... say one hundred. Out of this kettle pot of creation you will get Luca, the most lovable and adorable child a parent could ask for.

In terms of human quality, Luca is a child who knows no bounds when it comes to kindness or compassion. When he sees someone in need of help, or is just down on their luck he is there to offer a helping hand. It could be argued that Luca's kindness is his major flaw. No matter what the situation is, or the condition he is in, Luca will try his best to offer his aid. This means he pushes himself past the point of exhaustion.

Apart from his overall kindness, Luca is still just a child. And as such, Luca tends to act like one. When ever something goes wrong, he panics. If he is put into a situation that is undesirable, he pouts. But unlike most children, Luca's reaction to these child stimuli are lessened. For example, if you should take something that belonged to Luca away from him, he would pout for a few seconds and then ask politely for it back. He wouldn't throw a fit, or start crying, he would just try his best to gain said item back.

All in all, Luca is a child unlike any other. He goes above and beyond the call of help. He will not stop until the task is finished, and is to everyone’s liking.

Luca's story is a long and complicated one. It began in a world of science and magic, but ended in a life of happiness and love. It all started with a madman's aspiration to create the greatest weapon to walk the sands of time. He went by the name of Giles. Being funded by some of the most prestigious corporations of the current time, it was easy for Giles to gain a foothold in his solo research. The man was brilliant, a mind among minds in the scientific and magical community. By incorporating the best science could offer and the most complicated magic ever written he managed to fulfill his goal. Out of a simple tube within a secret laboratory, Giles had managed to create a single lifeform comprised of the best magic and science in the world. According to what Giles was trying to accomplish, this being would inherit the ability to manipulate the worlds natural mana-flow and bend it to its will. But the humanoid child proved to be too unstable to contain so much power. To regulate and even out the power the child would one day control, Giles created a core which kept the power stable and the boy alive.

Though only a few month's the boy had grown into a healthy young body, of what appeared to be a seven year old. The child obeyed Giles, and did what ever tests he asked of him. But slowly, this child began to grow conscious of the world around him. He began to earn to see the world outside these test chamber doors. The day finally came, where Giles had to step away from his observation and give his findings to the many corporations that were sustaining his research. Luca took hold of this momentary lift in his leash to finally escape from his prison. With quick and strategic thinking, the boy managed to escape from his confined chambers and venture further into the lab. What followed after was a great massacre of the lab. With no restrictions laid on him, Luca went wild and destroyed most of the lab. Needless to say, all research that was stored in this maddening place was lost. Luca eventually made his way out of his steel prison and into the open world.

Thanks to Luca's calculating brain, he found that having so much power was a danger to not only him, but to everything around him. As his final act of godlike power, Luca sealed away the majority of his strength within the core Giles created, making the once stabilizer of power into a cork which stopped most of the mana flow through his body. Because of this, the former being that was Luca was lost, and his new life began.

When Luca awoke next, he remembered nothing of his past, aside from his name, or his power. Instead, Luca was blessed with the child like spirit he was meant to have. He spent several days out on his own, living only on instinct and feeding off what the land gave him. Eventually Luca happened across a dwelling of small, jelly like creatures. At first the slimes were hesitant to even approach the boy. But Luca's over all kindness and charismatic charm won the creatures over. He was then adopted, and placed in the care of these strange wild monsters.

As days turned into months, Luca would continue to explore the world around him. Eventually Luca's many escapades would deliver him into the cold arms of an awkward, but loving mother. Her name was Anuka, a mercenary for hire. At first the woman didn't know what to do with the boy who had suddenly made an emotional attachment to her. But as he continued to pursue her, she began to warm up to the child and eventually her cold frozen heart was melted. In turn, Luca had found a real mother to be with, instead of the slimes that had housed him for so long. Seeing that Luca had found someone to truly care for him, in a way they couldn't, the slime creatures bayed farewell to Luca. Before he went, however, they had one last thing to give him. To keep Luca from forgetting the family he once had, the slimes crafted for him a hat in their likeness. Happy with his gift and the approval of his jelly friends Luca began his happy life with his new mother. But sadly this story was far from over.

The two began a new life together in a hut not so far away from the city, but far away enough that they had a plot of forest all to themselves. Anuka still lived as a mercenary for hire, but kept herself to safe jobs that kept her close to her child. Luca had begun school, at the request of his mother. Yes, it all seemed like that this story would end with a happy ending. But fate had a twisted sense of humor. One day, as Luca was returning home from school, a strange man blocked his path. He was a dirty and scruffy looking fellow. His hair was long and greasy looking. And his clothes, which might have once been white, were now torn and browned with months of filth caked on. He had a mad look in his eye as he gazed upon Luca, as if he were a hungry bobcat that had found a limping deer. With speed that the boy was unable to understand, the man lunged at him and struck Luca hard on the forehead. Everything went black.

Meanwhile, Anuka had decided to come home early after serving her duty as a guard. It was one job she always took on certain days, because it provided much pay but little work. As she was on her way home, Anuka noticed a man limping across the road. It looked as if he were carrying something heavy. Not wanting to be a busybody, Anuka tried to go around the man and continue onward to her home. But as she passed the man, she noticed the burden that he was carrying resembled a child. All at once Anuka realized what was going on, her motherly instinct kicked in quickly and her sword was drawn pointing at his throat. But Anuka had gotten there much too late. Yes the man had Luca in one hand, but in the other was a clear crystal like orb that seemed to glow and shimmer as if some kind of energy was within it. Desperate to get away, the man threw Luca's husk at Anuka and tried to scamper off, but Anuka wasn't having any of that. Once Luca's body was carefully placed onto the ground, Anuka gave chase to the strange deranged man. She caught up with him easily, and confronted him about what he had done to her child. The man regarded Anuka with a sneer and merely held up the orb that he had attained. Magic was suddenly thick in the forest. The wind around them began to pick up and hurled itself at Anuka, cutting into her armor like blades.

The battle between Anuka, and Luca's former creator, Giles had begun.

It was a long drawn out fight. The core Giles had ripped from Lucas body seemed to have endless magical power. Anuka too fought with unbridled vigor for her sons sake. Eventually though, Giles could no longer handle the unimaginable power the core had. With one last desperate strike, Giles attempted to bring Anuka to her knees underneath a great amount of gravitational pressure. As he did this though, the core cracked down the middle, expelling the magical buildup in the core back at Giles. The burst of power was so strong that it sent Anuka reeling into a tree, and disintegrated Gile's body as if he were made of paper. The core was left there floating in mid air. Because Anuka was shaken from the explosion, she didn't witness the core float back over to Luca's body and gently seep back into his chest.

When Anuka came to, Luca was there beside her his bright and cheery face warming her heart once more.

And so, the two lived on after the incident, no worse for wear seeing that Luca didn't recall a single thing that had happened. Anuka began keeping a closer eye on Luca, making sure he would never stray too far from her sight.

Quirky Features: Luca always refers to himself as Luca. For example.

“Hello, nice to meet you! Luca's name is Luca.”

He also loves to give people nick names. He also tends to call everyone Mr. or Mrs, Miss. For example.

“Its nice to meet you, Mr. Dirty Man Mudd!”

Luca is slowly dying because of his cracked core. Had he stayed on his home world, he would have died within the week. But because of being drawn into the book, Luca's life span has been increased. For how long and why, nobody knows yet.

Well I got everything done! But, I need to make a few things clear, kay?

Art, is not mine. I commissioned this from a friend of mine.

Art: [link]
Character: Me!

And thanks to my friend Zarry who allowed me to use her character for the entry.

Anuka: [link]
Story: Me!

With that said, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me in doing this. Its been a long haul so far, and I don't intend on giving up either! All the way baby, all the way!
Jotie-Tamaro Featured By Owner May 29, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
This is quite an art! Kudos for the person that drew it for you. ^^
Being a bit nitpicky but I think the magic strings seem to be displayed a bit off where it starts from the base. I think it's just angled differently, that's all. Other than that, it's great. Though, I should tell that to the artist. XD

As for his personality, I'm glad he seems like a believable child. Kinda reminds me of my niece weirdly, which is in a good way. She sometimes passes out when she tries to work on something for a long time. It makes me wonder what will happen as the plot thickens for him... Kinda worried too, but I'm sure he and his new mother would be fine.... Right? 8D
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